Entries for the Capital Trail are open now

It’s been a bit quiet here, but we are happy to announce that you can register to take part in this year’s Capital Trail ride on 3/4 June soon. Entries are open now and places are limited to 100 riders, so get in there soon. If you would like to know what the trail is like, best watch the video from last year.

Register Now

The Capital Trail is an Individual Mountain Bike Time Trial, and regardless if you finish or not, you are also welcome to join for a cold brew afterwards on Sunday 4 June. If you can’t manage the ride in two days, we would recommend more practice. Here are some opinions from riders in the past, it is fair to say everyone enjoyed it so far.

‘I loved the varied terrain; great distance; huge ascent; ease of re-supply; simple-no fuss, friendly small numbers and I needed to navigate!’

‘It’s an absolutely superb route’

‘Comprehensive and varied terrain. Great mix. Need some good legs!’

‘Besides the pure constant stimulation of the very varied trails selected, was the constant anxious feeling that you might miss your next turn down the next tasty trail! I liked this, it really kept you on your toes!’

The Capital Trail is not an event as such, you are totally out by yourself. It starts on Portobello Beach at 8am on the Saturday morning,  breakfast in the Tide Cafe is included in the small administration fee.