The Reiver Raid – Singlespeed

After the wonderful feedback to our first video of the Reiver Raid, which has now been watched almost 3,500 times on YouTube, this new video is a follow up to give you more of an idea what the route is like. Filmed and edited on an iPhone, it is the first of two videos to describe the route in more detail. We have now ridden the full loop at least twice, made changes, and made more changes, and we are pretty confident that the final route will be one thing – fun! This is why we changed the musical theme a bit from our first video while sending Markus with his Surly Ogre around the course, with one gear.

We hope you have not only a good timing watching this, but also riding the route. Don’t get us wrong, the Reiver Raid is possibly not for beginners. But it is  a bikepacking route designed to make you enjoy the experience, with hardly any type 2 fun. Coffee and cake along the way – that’s why we ride bikes so much. A good pint and a meal in the pub, supporting the locals, we agree with that a lot. And as we couldn’t resist even reading the words Belgian Waffle at the Cross Keys in Ancrum, we had to try it as well. And after all of that riding, filming and eating a night in the wild is exactly what bikepacking is about.

The Reiver Raid

If you live near a train, getting to the start is easy. Simply get on one of the trains of the Borders Railway and roll off at Tweedbank Station. It would be too much for us to say we encouraged Born in the Borders to open a coffee stop right next to the station, but they have done it anyway. Enjoy bikepacking, enjoy Scotland, enjoy the Ale Water Valley.

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  1. Please tell me what your bike build is. Tires size, chain ring, cog. I am very interested in single speed bike packing. Thank you.

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