Explore your Boundaries

The Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland got round the world record holder Mark Beaumont and Bikepacking Scotland founder Markus Stitz thinking about where our local authority boundaries are. We thought about the gravel cycling routes close to the circumference of each local authority, as current stay at home restrictions in Scotland only allow exercise that starts and finishes at the same place (preferably your home, but also up to 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area). As a start we have mapped 21 routes ranging from 30 miles to 301 miles, which are all included in the collection below.

A note of caution. Different to other Bikepacking Scotland routes we could only test ride the Edinburgh route. For all other routes we have used Komoot and Open Cycle Map to map and review them on a computer, and also used our knowledge from other rides or projects like mapping the Perthshire Gravel Trails or John Muir Way.

When riding the Edinburgh route in winter we had to dismount and push multiple times, and also made alterations to the route while riding, so please be prepared for that. We would advise you to use common sense, carry sufficient spare kit and stick to emergency protocols.

Those routes are suggestions to inspire your own routes. You can send us feedback where they can be improved. Some councils are still missing from the collection, so if you want to map and share a route, use the feedback from below to get in touch.

Below are pictures from our adventure circumnavigating our own local authority (Edinburgh) on 2 January.