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Press Releases in English

2021/03/23 – Explore your Boundaries – A Markus Stitz and Mark Beaumont short film highlighting the joys of winter cycling around Scotland’s Capital

2020/12/18 – £82,640 of investment secured to develop a second stage of Regenerative Tourism experiences in the new Cateran Ecomuseum

2020/12/02 – Final report rounds up the highly-successful first phase of Highland Perthshire Gravel Trails Project

2020/10/12 – Unhurried – A new film celebrates the experience of bikepacking Scotland coast to coast on the John Muir Way

2020/07/16 – Drovers – New film from Bikepacking Scotland tells the story of ancient drove roads and launches – the guide to off-road cycling across Highland Perthshire

2020/05/07 – Distance

2019/11/26 – Leave the car behind, catch the ferry and have an adventure in Dunoon

Pressemitteilungen in Deutsch

2021/03/23 – Explore your Boundaries (Entdecke deine Grenzen) – Ein Kurzfilm von Markus Stitz und Mark Beaumont über die Freuden des Radfahrens im Winter in Schottlands Hauptstadt

2020/10/12 – präsentiert: Ohne Eile – Schottland von Küste zu Küste auf dem John Muir Way

2020/07/16 Drovers (Viehtreiber) – Neuer Film von Bikepacking Scotland erzählt die Geschichte der schottischen Drove Roads und startet – ein Netzwerk von Gravel-Routen in Highland Perthshire 

2020/05/07 Distanz

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